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VitalSfera helps manage and communicate healthy habits

VitalSfera is a platform to communicate and manage all the healthy activities offered by the company to the employee, who by participating in them wins Vitalis, points redeemable.

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Basic Standard Premium
Registration system for activities and courses
Content manager (news, videos, photos ...)
VitalSfera App measuring Physical Activity
Connect system to Wearables and Apps measuring Physical Activity
Survey system
System and catalog of incentive points
Creation and management of virtual challenges
Messaging and tracking system for health professionals of the company
Analytical Dashboard and reporting
Set Up Fee 6,000€ Set Up Fee 10,000€ Set Up Fee 15,000€
Recurrent Year 3,500€ (Up to 4,000 employees included) Recurrent Year 5,500€ (Up to 10,000 employees included) Recurrent Year 10,000€ (Unlimited users)

Our goal is to generatea healthy atmosphere in the company

The VitalSfera platform acts as a corporate hub for the promotion of healthy habits.

It allows grouping, managing, measuring and communicating in an easy way all the contents and activities related to the promotion of healthy habits and the prevention of occupational risks in the company.

It is an essential tool and a great help for certification as a Healthy Company

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Fast & Easy implementation


High user engagement

Permanent healthy habits promotion

Dynamic environment

Ultimate physical activity tracking technology included

Responsive web technology and App for iOS / Android

VitalSfera is an interactive platform that allows working different areas of corporate health and well-being from any place with any device.

VitalSfera in addition has its own measurement system, and is also connected to the wearables and most common physical activity tracking devices in the market.

It is available for all smartphones, tablets and computers.

Includes a customized integration to the web or corporate digital environment through subdomain or own URL. We also offer full corporate customization of our VitalSfera Physical Activity Measurement App.

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Creating healthy atmospheres

The platform and technology ofVitalSferais working in many companies for all kinds of health promotion projects.

Thousands of employees are breathing VitalSfera at work.

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“Vitalis” Rewarding Program

VitalSfera has a rewaring program to engage employees to the VitalSfera healthy habits platform.

Employees participation in health promotion activities and physical activity help users get “Vitalis” points redeemable in the catalog or benefit system company has.

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